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Covid 19 SHS Stadium Project Update

Covid 19 SHS Stadium Project Update

The Coronavirus may have shut down daily life as we know it, but it hasn’t stopped our stadium project… The Smithsburg High School Stadium Project is still alive and moving forward. The donations continue to come in, but we still have leaps and bounds to conquer our fundraising goals. We encourage students, parents, teachers, alumni, coaches, fans, friends and community to make your donations and support the project.

The project bids are anticipated to go out as early as July 2020, with a targeted date for groundbreaking In November 2020 and completion of Phase 1 (concession/ticket box/team rooms/storage) by Spring of 2021. If you work or own a company that would be able to be a subcontractor on the project to reduce our costs, please look out for the BOE bid announcement this summer.  In-Kind funds will be recognized.  i.e. excavation, block work, plumbing, framing, carpentry work, etc.

Since our Fundraiser Kick-off in late January we have successfully raised another $100,000 with the help of our devoted community. As we continue to plan for several more phases of this project, additional funds will be needed and your support will be greatly appreciated. For additional information please contact us: